Using a Vacuum Pump for Bigger Balls

Ever dreamt of having bull balls? A nutsack that makes you king of the street? If so, use a vacuum pump on your scrotum. It works. Just ask JavierX of Stockton, CA. 

"I'm the guy with the nuts in my crew," says Javier. "You wanna hang with me, get a pump, because nobody's jealous of packing raisins." 

Here, here, bro! Totally agreed. 

Here's a pic of J just after a ball pumping session. His sack's immense, weighing in a heft 6.5 pounds. 

"I really pumped the shit out of balls this session," J reports. "I must have had a crappy day at work because I left the vacuum pump on longer than usual. My balls were under so much pressure

"I know my limits, but sometimes you have to push yourself. This was one of those times. Besides, the GF was out of town at a baby shower and the dog was kenneled."

The window of opportunity. I can totally relate. 

J noted that his cock got a nice pumping, too. He cut the flow of blood to his penis hard by tying the knot so to speak unusually tight around the base of his penis. 

"I was numb," he writes. "Sure, I was being reckless, but I was also shooting for a personal best. I knew I was going to get there. My balls kept getting larger. My engorged cock nearly shattered the tube!" 

Right on, my man! Ball pumping with a vacuum pump that works is a fetish of mine. I freakin' dig loading my nuts into a jockstrap and laughing at the fact that it doesn't fit. 

I'll relate that story another time. This post is all about J's incredible ball pumping session. Hope you guyz enjoy his pic as much as I do.